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Independent Polygraph Services, Established 2006

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Polygraph Tests by Qualified & Experienced Examiners


Established in 2006, Polygraph Services is an experienced and independent Polygraph company who provide professional and discreet Polygraph Tests throughout the UK where client confidentiality is assured. The founder of Polygraph Services, Carole London-Williams qualified in 2006 at The Backsters School of Lie Detection and has since co-founded a sister company, Lie Detector Investigations with her business partner Tayler London-Williams.

Tayler London-Williams qualified at The Academy of Polygraph Science in 2014 and subsequently co-founded Lie Detector Investigations in 2015.
Both Carole and Tayler London-Williams are approved Polygraph Examiners and are graduates and registered members of The American Polygraph Association, and The International Society of Polygraph Examiners.


Our Polygraph Examiners comply with The American Polygraph Associations policy of continuing education, every two years to ensure polygraph examiners remain current with advancements within the polygraph field, including advancements with test techniques and computerised polygraph instruments. We are certified in PCSOT (Post Conviction Sex Offender Training) & The Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation.

Polygraph Services only use the latest in computerised polygraph instruments and validated test techniques. Governed by The American Polygraph Association, we are compliant, respectful and adhere to our professional code of ethics.


Polygraph Tests are a unique tool of scientific truth verification which can be used to confirm or exonerate a person or persons involvement in a particular activity. These activities extend to relationship or marital issues, unprofessional conduct within the work place, employee theft, proof of innocence, theft within the family home, addiction issues and pre-employment screening.


Polygraph Services provide independent and reliable Polygraph Tests, also known as a Polygraph Examination, throughout the UK to private individuals and businesses.

We can offer you an effective and efficient approach in resolving your case due to the various reasons and circumstances Polygraph Tests can be used for. Testing can be conducted for private cases such as allegations of theft, relationship issues, proof of innocence to business matters such as company theft or employee screening.

As each case is directly managed by our professional and qualified examiners, you can be assured of a discreet, transparent and proficient service.

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A Polygraph Test concerning allegations of Theft is one of the most effective tools that can be utilised when attempting to identify the perpetrator of a theft, to recover stolen items and to confirm a person’s innocence. Testing can be conducted privately if there are allegations of theft within the family, or within a business setting for multiple persons if there is a larger pool of suspects.

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A Polygraph Test concerning allegations of Theft is one of the most  effective tools that can be utilized when attempting to identify the suspects of that theft and to not only recover the stolen items but also to confirm a person’s innocence if they have been falsely mistaken as the suspect of the alleged crime. At Polygraph Serivces, testing can be conducted privately and for a single person if there are allegations of theft within the family, or within a business setting and for multiple persons if there is a larger pool of suspects.

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Your business may have experienced financial loss due to stolen merchandise or stock. Or perhaps there is potential for greater financial loss, due to a security breach or failing in cyber security which has led to personal data or company software being stolen. Cyber security companies may be able to whittle down the suspect pool but, in circumstances where the suspect has gone unidentified a polygraph test is an effective means in identifying the culprit.

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To establish you are hiring the right applicant for your business, tests can be conducted for prospective employees to ensure truthful and honest disclosures have been made throughout the application process. Testing of existing employees is an effective method of investigation when issues arise within the workplace, from substance abuse, allegations of sexual harassment to theft. Periodic screening of existing employees can also be carried out to confirm your employees continue to remain clear of any wrongdoings.

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